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"If Beck and Mac DeMarco conceived a love child, Niagara Moon would be it" - Mystic Sons

Hello there, lovely fan of strange and fantastical music ;)

My name's Thomas. Pleased to have made your acquaintance.

I would like to invite you on a musical journey. One unlike any you've ever encountered before...

A journey through our brand new full-length Niagara Moon album "Fuzzy Thinking"

And no, I don't just mean "stream it on Spotify!" or "download it on iTunes!"
It's 2020. I can offer something a heck of a lot more exciting than that.

You see, I have a deep love for all things music.

I love everything that goes into the creative process of an album. I want to share these musical joys and stories directly with you for FREE, in an audacious and experimental way...

Think of it as a virtual live show. From your phone or computer, you can step into the Niagara Moon world... A multi-media digital experience, packed with cool behind-the-scenes content, bonus goodies, and special offers.

On top of that, I want to take this chance to get to know who you - the fan - are! You can message anytime with any questions or comments along the way. Or if you just wanna chat! We're ready to connect. We're done with secrecy, middle-men, and even record labels.

Plus, the album will be EXCLUSIVE to this platform for several months. That means you'll have these songs way before anyone else.

This is your #1 opportunity as a Niagara Moon fan, and one that you will not wanna miss...

So sign up below for free, and let's embark on this mad adventure!

You won't be the only one...
The album will become available elsewhere (eventually...) but YOU will be getting:
FREE and EASY access to all tracks on the album via streaming and direct download - including mp3 and high quality 16-bit WAV. All in one place, so no more pesky logging in and out of different platforms.
Bonus multi-media content including behind-the-scenes footage, chords & lyrics, song demos, and more.
Exclusive offers and discounts on extra Niagara Moon merch...

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